At Berrey's Pick N Mix, we believe in the power of sweet indulgence to transform the ordinary into extraordinary. We are not just a sweet store located in the heart of Cheltenham, but a unique partner for businesses who are looking to add a touch of delight and appreciation for their employees.

Move beyond the usual corporate gifts of pens and bags, and surprise your team with a personalised sweet treat. Sweets are a universal symbol of joy and happiness, and there's nothing like a well-selected mix of candies to lift spirits and convey your appreciation for your staff's hard work and dedication.

We specialise in tailoring orders based on your company's needs or brand. Our bespoke service is designed to match your corporate colors, themes, or even to reflect your company's ethos. Whether you want to celebrate a company milestone, reward exceptional performance, or simply sprinkle a little joy in your office, Berrey's Pick N Mix is here to create a memorable sweet experience.

Our extensive selection of quality sweets guarantees something for everyone, catering to all dietary needs, from gluten-free to vegan options. With our commitment to high standards of service, we ensure timely delivery and utmost satisfaction for each order.

Step into a world of flavors with Berrey's Pick N Mix, where every sweet treat serves as a delicious reminder of your company's appreciation. Allow us to bring smiles to your office and make your workplace a little sweeter.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements and let us craft a unique sweet treat experience tailored to your brand. Because at Berrey's Pick N Mix, we believe that the sweetest gestures make the biggest difference.

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